How to Use Your Glowsonic

Dual Cleansing Technology

The Glow Sonic® Magni Bead™ Sonic Vibration Facial Cleansing Brush is safe to use in the bath and  shower and is waterproof up to IPX7.

High frequency sonic vibration twinned with the magnetic field (Magni Bead Sonic Vibration) produced by the rotation of the underpinning magnetic beads removes skin impurities leaving skin softly cleansed. 

How to use

  • When you first receive your Glow Sonic® Magni Bead Facial Cleansing Brush, make sure you charge the brush on its magnetic base.  Once charged you will be able to use your Glow Sonic® device.

  • Remove any make up from your face first.  Wet your face with warm water and apply your favourite facial cleanser to your face.  You can also wet the facial brush and apply your cleanser directly to the brush. Please do not use with exfoliation type cleansers, silicone based cleansers or clay based cleansers. The Glow Sonic® Magni Bead™ Facial Cleansing brush will cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

  • Turn on the brush by pressing the central button on  the front for one second to turn on.

  • You can choose from four cleansing modes.  Each mode is switched on and off by pressing the central button for one second.

  • The recommended cleansing time is up to 90 seconds. The Glow Sonic® has a 90 second intelligent stop and start function.

  • Place the Glow Sonic® device on your skin and clean the areas of your face. Use the brush to cleanse and massage your face using circular motions.  Pay attention to areas such as the T-Zone, chin, corners of the eyes, under the eyes, the  forehead, the outer checks,  nose, cheeks and skin.    The cleanse duration is timed for 90 seconds.

  • When you have finished cleansing your face with the Glow Sonic® rinse your face with lukewarm water.   If you can, follow with a few splashes of cold water which helps to tighten the pores and further flushes out your skin.

  • Rinse your Glow Sonic® device under running water to remove any product.  Let it dry and then place it back on its magnetic base.

  • Pat dry your face and continue with your normal skincare routine.  You will find your skin smoothed and cleansed and products will more effectively sink into your skin.

  • Beauty Serum Lotion and Creams Application mode:

Using your Glow Sonic® Magni Bead™ Sonic Vibration Facial  Cleansing Brush to apply face serums, creams and lotions.

  • You can use your Glow Sonic® to apply your favourite serums, lotions or creams after facial cleansing. We suggest using Mode 3: Magni Bead Vibration ™. Uses Magni Bead ™ rotation with sonic vibration at medium sonic vibration intensity. This mode will gently infuse your skincare products into your skin. Using the Glow Sonic® in combination with your beauty products will provide superior results in the application of beauty products to your skin.

  • After using the Glow Sonic® device to apply your beauty products, rinse your Glow Sonic® device with warm water and cleanse with Soap or a liquid facial cleanser, dry place back on the magnetic charging port.


Cleansing Modes

  • Mode 1:  Standard Soft Vibration Mode with Massage.   Uses sonic vibration and sonic pulse vibration with magni bead rotation at 8000 rpms.  

  • Mode 2: Strong Vibration Mode with Massage.   Uses sonic vibration and sonic pulse vibration with magni bead rotation at 10000 rpms.

  • Mode 3: Magni Bead Vibration.  Uses Magni Bead rotation with sonic vibration at medium sonic vibration intensity.  This mode can also be used to apply your beauty serums, creams and lotions to your skin post facial cleansing.

  • Mode 4:  Soft Vibration Mode only.  Uses sonic vibration only.

  • Mode 5: Soft Intermittent Sound Wave Vibration.  Uses sonic vibration at 60rpms.




Unique Bristle Design

Most silicone cleansing devices have only three types of bristles.  The Glow Sonic® Magni Bead™ Sonic Vibration Facial Cleansing Brush has 24 different types of silicone bristles all in a graduated design.  The smallest bristle is 0.6mm.     

The graduated bristle design adapts to the different countours of the face to give a more effective clean.  The brush is made with premium grade hygienic and skin safe silicone.