Attaining Smooth & Soft Skin with The Glow Sonic® Magni Bead™ Facial Cleansing Brush

There are many ways to cleanse your skin. The Glow Sonic® Magni Bead Facial Cleansing Brush uses Magni Bead Technology and Sonic Vibration to remove skin impurities such as dirt, blackheads, oil, make up residue and dead skin cells to deliver a gentle and effective skin cleansing experience.

Built with Magni Bead Technology the Glow Sonic® device has a sonic vibration speed of between 8000 and 10000 revolutions per minute which safety and deeply cleanses the skin.

Magni Bead Technology works by firstly building up a magnetic sonic vibration pull which acts to deliver a safe and effective skin cleansing experience. The Glow Sonic® device provides a soothing therapeutic skin massage and helps to smooth the skin giving an effective level of non-irritation cleansing. Each graduated bristle is petal soft to ensure an enjoyable cleansing experience.